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There is no age, gender, or skill requirement at Ultimate Allstars.  We offer teams for every age and skill level.  To help you find the right team we've provided a list below. If you have additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


1st: Every new athlete(s) gets to try a week for free!


2nd: To help you get the most out of your visit. You should try to come on the appropriate night. Our teams are set by the level and age of athletes. So, what level is your athlete? Visit our Level Appropriate Skills Page  After you have found out what level your athlete would fall under, View our teams.  Click the team with the appropriate age and skill level to view the night that team practices. Our Friday Open Gym nights are open to ages 3 years and older.


3rd:  You can CLICK HERE  to fill out the medical release form.  This will need to be completed before you can participate in classes.


Your athlete(s) will want to wear any type of athletic wear. Shoes are required. Your athlete will want to have their hair pulled back so hair will not fall in their face during tumbling and stunting exercises. 



Interested in only tumbling?
If you would only like to improve your tumbling skills we have a few options for you. Remember all ages and skill levels are welcome.  You can:
1. Enroll in our weekly tumble classes.
Schedule a tumbling and/or stunting private with one of our highly qualified coaches  Price per private is $30-half hour for tumbling and $40 for stunting for all non-members.  Ultimate athlete private cost are $25 for tumbling and $30 for stunting.

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