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This is the beginning stage of Allstars! Totally new to cheer. Learning basic entry level tumbling. Learning how to count a routine. Learning jump technique, motion technique, entry level stunting, and stage performance! This is the perfect level for those young athletes that are brand new to cheerleading! The introduction to the incredible world of Allstar Cheer! Welcome to the ride! It’s just beginning!


Most elite level 1 athletes are working and cleaning back handsprings without a spot... they have beautiful back walkovers, front walkovers, specialty skills so they could be the first pass or the last pass. They can now concentrate on perfecting their jumps, but can be 100% a successful part of a level 1, 2 1/2 minute routine including all elite stunting!


A level 2 athlete is working back tucks... as they have already “mastered” the standing BHS, back walkover BHS, and the Round off BHS series. They can incorporate all level 1 skills into level 2 combinations. They are fully a part of the routine and even have their moments to shine. They can execute elite stunting at the chest level and can execute entry level stunting above the head.


A strong level 3 athlete is already working on layouts and standing tucks without spots. They have mastered not just the round-off handspring tuck, but beautiful standing series BHS, a punch front, and an aerial. Jumps to BHS and elite level 2 stunting are a must. They are mentally ready for a demanding elite level 3 routine. The routine will be fast paced and difficult. The mental aspect of the coaching is raised and the athlete should have great self discipline. This is one of the largest jumps in levels with both tumbling and stunting. This level requires more discipline and extra work outside of practice.


Level 4 athletes are starting to twist in classes while throwing a hollow, technically beautiful layout, they can land 5 or more standing tucks consecutively, and are capable of doing any part of a true level 4 routine. They have solid execution on standing BHS tucks, and Jump BHS tuck. A true level 4 athlete should be able to master any level 1,2 or 3 tumbling combination into a technically sound layout. This level requires extreme mental and physically capabilities. The coaching demands are raised significantly and more individual pressure is added. At level 4, every lower level skill in both stunting and tumbling should be mastered. At this level, the commitment and dynamic from athlete and parent truly changes. Everyone must be ready for extra work, extra practice, late nights, and anything it takes to get the job done. The level 4 athlete and parent must be mentally “all in” to compete successfully at this level. This level is where the all star scale tips significantly. It is both physically and mentally difficult and demanding.


Level 5 athletes are working higher, more elite twisting skills, can land a solid jump to back with their feet together and the fulls they throw in the routine are technically solid. They are mentally and physically capable of hitting a fast-paced, high-energy routine with multiple tumbling passes and multiple stunt sections. They will put many extra hours in the gym, additional added tumbling practice, and be willing to mentally push themselves to the limit. This athlete should be in their top physical shape and extremely team-oriented. At this point, the athlete must be truly self-driven and willing to do what it takes for the success of the team.


And the Level 6 athlete... these are the athletes throwing doubles, specialty’s thru to full, standing full, multiple jumps to back and are at the top of their game mentally and physically. The parents are already “all in” and ready for anything that comes their way. Extra practices, late nights, and be able to juggle it all. This is the tip of the mountain and takes a very long and demanding road to get there

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